Predictions -- Week 9

4-6 last week.

Season vs. spread 19-22 (.463)

All picks vs ESPN's Betus.com line as of tonight:

Duke @ Florida State -17.5
A shaky 4-3 Florida State has beaten precisely nobody by 17 pts or more this season. Zilch. Two of those were at home, vs UAB and NC St.
Duke, getting 17.5

Cal @ Arizona State -3
Arizona State in the national championship game. Stare cross-eyed at that and assume that they must lose at least two games before this is over. This is probably one of them.
Cal, getting 3

Ohio State @ Penn State +3.5
Masked Avenger's psychic cat says Ohio State goes down. Who am I to argue?
Penn State, getting 3.5

Kansas @ Texas A&M +3
Texas A&M is a 6-2 team, from the Big 12 South, playing at home. Nice record, Kansas. But you haven't played anybody... until now.
Texas A&M, getting 3

Iowa State @ Missouri -29
It seems hard to believe that anybody in the Big 12 Norris is reliably 29 points better than anybody else. This year, ANY 29 point advantage is fishy.
Iowa State, getting 29

West Virginia @ Rutgers +6
The 5-2 team (Rutgers) that beat the good team (South Florida) that beat West Virginia is getting six -- AT HOME -- against West Virginia? Remember when everybody thought Rutgers was good? They didn't go from good to awful. I'm not six points sure that either of these teams is a favorite.
Rutgers, getting 6

Pitt @ Louisville -10
This game should come with a viewer discretion advisory. Somebody might win this after being down by 20. Again, nobody is ten points certain...
Pitt, getting 10

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